Windows 7 Secret: Quick Launch Returns!!!

Here’s a secret way to restore one of our favorite XP features to Windows 7. It’s called “Quick Launch”, and now you can bring it back!
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  1. adityavedios says:

    I will use this video to learn your accent …Its lovely? ūüôā

  2. TheWindowsChannel says:

    @Ervine4 What if you? want an XP theme for Windows 7 or even a Vista theme?

  3. BranislavDJ says:

    The most usefull thing.
    Good thing they kept this.
    I like it since it doesnt take much space with small icons,and I can hide icons from? desktop to have clean view on background.Whats the point of desktop background when its overcrowded with icons.Pinning is nice but it moves icons as I open them.With Quick Launch they are static (unless I move them).That combined with wide (thick) auto-hide taskbar almost replaces desktop and removes possibility of non wanted drag drop during work with windows.

  4. Dooombox says:

    @filipedgb All you do is middle click it to open a? new instance…

  5. filipedgb says:

    1 – Having icons floating randomly in middle of windows ??? If you have like 5 or more shortcuts it will be a real mess. I personally hate it, both things, aspect and not being practical because they’re always in different positions depending on the programs you’re using.
    2 – SPACE…even with small icons it takes too much
    3 – Also annoying, if wanna open the program again, the icon disappeared – it is in the window now. You have to right click the window and bla bla…boring

    Like if you agree

  6. saman4xtine says:

    damn she’s mint? !!

  7. LonesomeTroubadour says:

    @DayLight95 Actually, It’s sense,? not sence.

  8. oxus72 says:

    @Ervine4 If you can show me how? to move the pinned apps out of the way to the right and how I can turn direct folder shortcuts like “stored icons” and “podcasts” into pinned apps, I might miss the QL a little less. Until then that’s why the hell I want it.

  9. hitman7112 says:

    To bad adblock cant filter? out their long as ad…because its actually the video ūüôĀ

  10. SteelCity1981 says:

    Quick Launch is useful if you don’t want a clusterfuck of icons? across your taskbar.

  11. Fatloph says:

    @Ervine4 I think the quick launch feature is more for those who use a more? classic look on windows 7.

  12. RedDragonShard says:

    @armitageallembert I don’t care too much about quick launch, though that’s my personal opinion. But I hated them taking off Movie Maker too. You can get the live version, though it? isn’t the same. But I also think that if you upgraded from Vista, rather than bought a new Windows 7 or clean installed, I think there is a hack to get Movie Maker back, since there is one to get Windows Mail back. Otherwise you might need to get the portable version

  13. Astatine0936 says:

    that pin shit isnt as good as the quicklaunch bar =( for me it sucks….. each click on the icon opens it up and? its all messy sometimes.

  14. TorturedShallowGrave says:

    Although quick launch isn’t necessary for win7, it’s still useful if you have lots of icons on your taskbar. You can pin the icons? that you don’t use very much into the quick launch area so they wont take up so much space.

  15. james227uk says:

    Quick launch is still there.? You just pin stuff to the taskbar.

  16. armitageallembert says:

    Thank you very much! All Microsoft want to do is make money. Too many changes is no good. Why on Earth they want to removed? quick launch and Movie Maker from windows 7 and then you are telling me that this is NEW and Improved. Stick with Windiows Vista and X P.

  17. DayLight95 says:

    the second girl has? no tits

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