How to install Mac OS X mountain lion snow Leopard on a PC with Windows 7 xp full tutorial part 1

install Mac os x mountain lion Snow Leopard on a PC or Laptop this is part 1 of 4. This tutorial will show you how to install mac osx on any pc or laptop that have the basic requirements. mac osx apple, osxproject86 hackintosh, macintosh osx86 snow leopard, ideneb, iATKOS 7 Snow Leopard 10.6.1-10.6.2 SSE2/SSE3 Intel AMD….. Download via Rapidshare Download Torrent Tixati Torrent Program Windows 7 / Vista / XP Download Windows 7 ISO 32-bit Windows 7 Ultimate x86 ISO 64-bit Windows 7 Ultimate x64 ISO 32-bit Windows 7 Home Premium x86 ISO Digital River: 64-bit Windows 7 Home Premium x64 ISO Digital River: 32-bit Windows 7 Professional x86 ISO Digital River: 64-bit Windows 7 Professional x64 ISO Digital River: Download PowerISO Download BurnCDCC

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  1. Betherspawn says:

    hey, i m not much older than u…maybe ask ur parents…or sth like that, try to earn money with pc’s, than u can spent money? for a mac!

  2. SpecialCinemas says:

    i´m 15 years old and i can´t afford 2000 dollars i got an awesome gaming pc for 699 Dollars and you get a standart mac for? 2000

  3. Betherspawn says:

    becouse i m not responsible for ur money, dude…buy 1 mac for 5 years…or? 2 windows pc’s for the same time…price is the same…

  4. SpecialCinemas says:

    why don´t you just give? me 2000 Dollars

  5. jtwith says:

    I didn’t? subscribe

  6. pepko94 says:

    It’s violating EULA? folks 😀

  7. Betherspawn says:

    stop using mac, on windows laptops…fags…if u want mac, buy a mac!
    so…the problem is, mac? will not work perfektly on a windows pc…Hackintosh is a fucking fail!

  8. UserIsAnFBIAgent says:

    What’s with all this shit all over the screen? fucking noob ass shit. Btw I have Deep Freeze Standard. So I welcome any virus I can? or do get.

  9. UmmIdidntknow333 says:

    i? dont get it, full tutorial. part 1

  10. The12anonym says:

    power iso? serials

    User : cracksoftwere

    Serial’s :







  11. nathan123456789ten says:


  12. maxxams365 says:

    look in the folder named downloads?

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