(HD) Windows 7: Several Quick Tips and Tutorials (RTM Build 7600)

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  1. tobleroneuk says:

    @JustJake97 Had a? horrible blocked nose haha! Now I cant stop listening to it ūüėõ

  2. JustJake97 says:

    LOL nice? vid but your breathing was totally disturbing me lol!

  3. dashsmacher12341234 says:

    how u do this? green thing

  4. jstnfshr says:

    How stupid of the programmers of windows 7 to? remove the ability to manually arrange files by dragging and dropping! They add all these new organizing? options but then do away with the most convenient and simple method? I need that option for storyboarding, organizing, brainstorming. Now I’ll have to rename EVERY file numerically or alphabetically, what a pain in? the ass! I’ll probably just have to use my old computer for all my projects now Which totally defeats the purpose of my new laptop:/

  5. molinatutoriales says:

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  6. 123RoboticChicken says:

    @whansen101? window 7 better than make make is shit.

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  15. tazzar32 says:

    very helpfull? thanks

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  19. 09hitmanreborn says:

    What program? you used for recording?

  20. MrRawMonkey says:

    I did the last bit about speeding up the boot time but my laptop has bitlocker and now the laptop won’t boot up without a recovery password? which I don’t have

  21. MrRawMonkey says:

    I did the last bit about speeding up the boot time but my laptop has bitlocker and now the laptop won’t? boot up without a recovery password which I don’t have

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