5 Quick Windows 7 Tips – How To Video

5 Quick Windows 7 Tips - How To Video

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  1. WuggyFoot says:

    @PCWizKid Ok, i turned off windows search and i was wondering? how i could find the features to turn it back on

  2. postmaster14 says:

    i always have to find for french…?

  3. OardCrumbih says:

    Well, Windows 7 is still? available on:

  4. JaninaDorakhe says:

    Windows? 7 is available to get on:

  5. StuderSpeedole says:

    Windows 7 is still available here:

  6. EspinalStackbgj says:

    The best place? to get Windows 7 is:

  7. HerrMccoolobw says:

    Well, I got my Windows 7 full pc? from:

  8. Kerseynee says:

    Would you like to get Windows 7? for free? 🙂 Here you are:

  9. TafoyaMullishlz says:

    Windows 7 is uploaded already on:

  10. JemanuPutra says:

    i’m? scared to do that..

  11. jaden8992g says:

    @Blink0919? thank you 🙂

  12. Blink0919 says:

    @jaden8992g? “XsX alphablended cursors” google it up, u shud find alot of download locations

  13. jaden8992g says:


  14. RichardGat says:

    Thanks bruh,? very helpful. Subscribed. 🙂

  15. cecire526 says:

    great tips sir..thanks for sharing..?

  16. hoangtram905 says:

    Lol it’s not funy
    Plz help me ! How I can turn on Windows Search? :((

  17. nmnm2007100 says:

    @JasonBczt Document Services aka Printing?

  18. samanthastanton20 says:

    Well, I got my? Windows 7 full pc from:
    downloadblinks . c__o__m

  19. JasonBczt says:

    What is? XPS services?

  20. HTATigersBasketball says:

    @TheTech214 Yeah, I completely understand. I? guess I only do it because I trust absolutely none of my many downloads, so… Yeah.

  21. TheTech214 says:

    @HTATigersBasketball He does this for? the skilled computer person who knows what he/she is doing. For those of us that do it is very annoying and a hassle so we disable it and be done. If you know the program and what you are doing you should not have to worry about something happening.

  22. HTATigersBasketball says:

    Why would you disable UAC? It’s something Microsoft finally did right security-wise.? Look at Linux or Mac OS X, you have to even put in your password! I have mine set above default because I personally think that while it may be annoying, it’s definitely something you want. It’s like backing up or using an antivirus. It can be a pain, a resource hog, an all around bug, but when something happens you sure wish you had been smart and had it enabled.

  23. JB9896 says:

    @McSharkAT Try sony? vegas pro 9.0 and fraps to record, or camstudio recorder and editer

  24. McSharkAT says:

    How do you record and edit your videos? (sorry, I have not find? any video about that)

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